The Greatest Gift is Not Under the Tree

Oh my.  Ann Voskamp has made a way for Advent, 2014.  I heard about the book months ago, but didn’t pay further attention, or order anything.  Sunday, November 30, I saw a friend’s facebook post about the book, and quickly clicked out an Amazon order, which arrived this morning.


A fresh take on the greatest love story of all: the one in which God Almighty loves me, and you, and each human being that has ever lived or will ever live on this planet.

Poetic contrasts come easy for Ann.  Our loud, shiny, fast world against the image of a tiny wrinkled baby.  The stump of a tree, a family tree, yielding a tender shoot, a new tree springing forth tentatively, but from the same root.

I read the intro and the first two days already. The book contains 25 days of Advent devotions.  It is grounded in the full story of God’s love for his creation.  Such wonderful food for the soul.  God spoke the universe into existence with authority.  He loved his children into existence with “Let us make human beings.”  This is the profound thought for December 2.  Ann suggests that we first need to be ravished with wonder at the amazing creation God has set in motion.

All I can say is GET THE BOOK!  Run, walk, or click to be sure you get one.  If all five of the people who read this would share and order, I will have done at least that much to help Advent 2014 be a better season for someone.

The Greatest Gift, by Ann Voskamp.

She even offers beautiful free paper ornaments that you might download after you buy the book.  May the hope, peace, love and joy of advent be yours this year.  Thank you Ann.

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