About The River of God

My last blog told about “Estuary Cultures,” the multicultural ministry theme of my friend, Uday Balasundaram.

Uday has much more to say about how the river of God flows among us.  This ‘river,’ like any other river on the face of the earth has an effect on the landscape.  Where the topography is steep, rivers cut into and erode whatever rock they meet.  Then, when they pour out onto a flat landscape or gentle slope, they deposit some of what was cut from above. The river alters the landscape as it passes through.

Uday showed a slide of a beautiful conglomerate, composed of many kinds of stone – granite, volcanics, quartzite, sandstone. He asked, “Who created this rock?”  His point, I think, is that the mixture is the product of the erosion by the river, and then it is cemented together when the various cobbles rest in place.  He was showing us a geological picture of a multicultural society.

If we see the River of God as the spirit of Christ that flows through us, we can imagine a river that will tumble together many different people from many different cultures, and cement them into a new, beautiful rock which represents the Body of Christ.

I love this imagery.  

In our world of so many things which divide us – politically, racially, culturally – we need ways to picture how our faith can both cut through and unite.  The river analogy does just this.

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