New Website and SEO

Almost two weeks ago I launched my new website.

I am really happy with how it looks.  It’s clean and colorful, and sticks to the message.  What is the message, you ask?

Early this summer I attended a Storybrand Workshop led by @Donald Miller with about a dozen other small business owners.  We learned how to streamline our marketing materials using classic Hollywood movie storytelling techniques.  The basic story plot line is this:  A character – has a problem – meets a guide – who has a plan- and a call to action – which if followed, leads to success, and if ignored, leads to failure.  Miller told us that every piece of text on our websites should fall into one of those story elements, and that we should position ourselves as the guide.

So, in my case, the character is the parent or youth leader.  The problem is needing good, engaging, curriculum for Bible study. There are both external and internal problems here.  There is the internal fear that students will actually walk away, or be turned off, and there is the pressing external need for a great study to work with before the small group meets next Wednesday, say.

Enter the guide.  ME!  I have some expertise in leading Bible studies for teens, and I have seminary training, which gives me some credibility. You can read my statement of faith under FAQs and you can read about WHY I write Bible studies.  And I have a plan for you.  I can offer you some very engaging study materials, and you will have them within a week of your order.  My website includes a way to contact me, and a step-by-step way to lead a successful Bible study for teens.  Further, my blog is all about Tips for Teaching Teens the Bible.

Now, you have to choose to take action, so there are lots of ORDER NOW buttons on the website.  I give you many chances. You can click on any of the cartoon characters, which help the leader see how these studies are relevant for the teens they are working with.  There are endorsements on each page.  There is a way to contact me for a free consultation.

And the slides at the top of the site spell out the good things that can happen for a leader/parent and the bad thing that can be avoided:  watching helplessly as teens you love turn away from God.

Please take a look at the new site! is now being forwarded to  

My web designer has given me a list of 60 SEO-optimized blog titles, and I have to write them twice a week.  This is a challenge, but hopefully it will help my site be found by search engines.  A noble cause.  Anyway, thanks for reading this blog, which now stands alone for me to write whatever catches my attention.

Thanks for your interest!

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