The Miracle of August, 2014

Jake is going home.  Yes, the young man who practically drowned in Lake Tahoe on July 30 has recovered enough to go home. 

It has been less than a month, but God, with the help of medical and spiritual partners in Reno and Houston, has worked overtime to heal.  Jake had breathing tubes and feeding tubes and antibiotics and kidney dialysis.  He had a tracheotomy, but that has been removed, too.  

When the emergency in your life unfolds, you cling sobbing to Jesus.  When he works to comfort you and heal your loved one, you thank him endlessly.  And when things are back to some form of normal, you are changed.  Your tested faith is pure and you know most confidently that He is able to work miracles.  

I am sure God has some wonders in store for this boy, Jake. He has a story to tell.  God will direct him.

Everyone who heard the story also has a story to tell.  How can we keep silent about this most amazing resurrection?  Remember the believers on the beach that day who jumped into action.  They did not hesitate to offer what they could in the midst of the emergency.  Now we, the believers who have heard, must jump into action.  We should not hesitate to glorify the God who has power over life and death.  We need to share this story. Remember and tell.

My friend, Roxanne has shouted praise from her Facebook page every day. Thank you.  

Jake’s mom is so thankful and asks for prayers that she will not suffer anxiety when she and Jake return home.  

In John 11:40, Jesus said, “Did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?”



2 thoughts on “The Miracle of August, 2014

  1. Sue Palmer says:

    TBTG! Our son was in a car wreck this Spring – the tow-truck guy (an ex-state trooper) said he couldn’t believe (based on all the accidents he’d seen) that Ben had walked away from it with no injuries other than a mild concussion. “You need to do good things with your life – you’ve been saved for a reason!” is what he told our son. So I think Jake has big things ahead of him also. Not ‘big’ as the world sees it, but ‘big’ as Jesus sees it.
    So glad Jake’s doing so well.
    Go with God, Jake!

  2. sfunk2013 says:

    So glad your son is OK. Amazing how God works to help us. He is giving us the gift of faith if we only see his providence.

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