Right On Cue

A good friend of mine recently witnessed the drowning of a young man.  She was at Lake Tahoe with her son and his friend, Jake, and they were out on a boat, swimming and having fun.  At one point, the two young men swam away from the boat toward some large rocks where the water was about 15 feet deep.  Kids were jumping off those rocks into the lake, and various paddleboarders and kayakers were nearby.  Roxanne watched her son pull himself from the water, and then kept looking for Jake.

A few days later, she was in Jake’s hospital room and wrote this:

“Today several of our heroes and giants in the faith came by.  Joe, the man who pulled Jake from the lake was here.  Lt. Jeff Clark from the Sheriff’s Department came by to see Jake.  He has called every day to check on him.  My new friend Pastor Jeff Jones and his beautiful wife Kimberly drove two hours to come meet the family and check on Jake.  The social worker at the hospital who had to make the dreaded phone call to the parents came by today. Even the pulmonologist who told us that “they would do their best to keep Jake’s heart beating until his parents could arrive from Texas” got very emotional and teary-eyed at Jake’s amazing miracle and healing that is taking place.

Friends, this is the Body of Christ at work.  Every single one of these men and women love Jesus with abandon.  Born-again believers were all over the beach that day ready to be used by the Father.  

Whatever the enemy meant for harm, God counteracted with mighty people of faith. It’s almost as if this was a well-rehearsed scene and each person hit their cue right on time.  It was all so beautifully orchestrated.  One simply cannot miss that the Lord himself was directing each step.”

It has been just over a week, and in spite of indications that Jake was not going to make it, the young man is responding and communicating and in a few more days is expected to have his lungs cleared enough to remove the ventilator.  As Roxanne says, this is a modern day Lazarus story.  Jake was clinically dead, having no pulse when they brought him up from the lake floor.  They had to shock his heart after 15 minutes to restart it and lost him again during the life flight to Reno. Yet here he is.  Roxanne called in the troops -all her friends on facebook, and in her church – hundreds have been praying. This mighty miracle will inspire thousands.

But the question for us is this:  Will you and I be ready to step up when needed? God used all those believers within earshot of Roxanne’s cries that day to  play their parts in the drama, setting the stage for God’s climactic miracle.  He may need you even today.  Are you ready to do your part, speak your lines?

May we respond without thinking when God calls us to action. Right on cue.

This story is still unfolding.  My friend Roxanne Worsham asks all believers to continue to pray for Jake’s full recovery.

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