World Vision is the Best Kind of Vision

My husband and I recently attended the annual World Vision For Every Child Conference in Chicago. It was our third conference and still we learned so much about this organization’s depth of commitment and holistic, sustainable approach to helping the world’s poor.

We were emotional when Andrew, a man from Rwanda, told his story of forgiveness and reconciliation. His family had been murdered in part by his childhood friend, Callixte, during the genocide of 1994. With World Vision’s help, the community has been working through the pain to reconcile former enemies. Callixte had spent 16 years in prison for his deeds. He was unable to be present, but if you watch this video, you will know why Andrew was happy to take the gift of a brand new guitar home to his once-again friend. Though he spoke through an interpreter, his final word to us was amazing: “Forgiveness is powerful.”

We were inspired by the giving stories of other members of the National Leadership Council, who, after witnessing the work of World Vision on various “vision trips” were moved to give significantly, even to offering large matching gifts to help the For Every Child campaign reach its goals.

I attended a break-out session on health and learned about innovative ways World Vision is helping people with issues of child malnourishment and maternal health. They are training individuals in the community to screen others for serious illness and malnutrition and offer ground level advice to families.  Community Health Care workers, like Justus, are proud to help and continue to learn basic health principles and then share them with others.  

There is a new water pump innovation that will allow water to be pumped from up to three times the depth of the current pump technology. This will greatly enhance World Vision’s ability to provide clean water to those in need.

Dr. Allgood, President of World Vision Water, told us that a typical village in Africa can solve its water needs with two deep wells, at about $15,000 each. We would like to raise enough for one village with your help.    What do you say? Will you help us give the gift of water to a village in Zambia?


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