Color Run New Orleans

It really is just fun.  I woke up with a bad cold.  And my hip was hurting from a recent workout.  Still I got dressed and dropped off at the UNO Lakefront Arena for the Color Run this morning.  

No timers, no pushing.  Just fun!  At points along the route, people with squirt bottles of colored cornstarch coat the oncoming crowd with colors – first yellow, then blue, then pink, then orange.  At the end, everyone has a packet and, on cue, colors are thrown up in an explosion of colored powder.  Just fun!


Maybe it really wasn’t a full 5K, but no matter!  

The best part?  Was it when a group of military guys in fatigues was high-fiving us along the way?  or when a fellow runner agreed that all the best music was written in the 1960s?  Or the calm Lake Pontchartrain?  Or the color toss at the end?  

So my hip still hurts, but I feel better!  


Try a Color Run or Run or Dye or one of the other happy runs!  It’s just fun.

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